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  • Westinghouse iQ Drive products are leaders in efficiency. The FS4BG series of air conditioners offers premium efficiency (which can save you money on bills) and ultimate home comfort suplied by modulating performance. Ask your contractor about this ultra-high efficiency air conditioner.

  • Have the Westinghouse R6GI iQ Drive gas pack installed in your home for industry-leading cooling efficiency in a gas pack along with superior home comfort and performance levels. This unit is efficient and durable - resisting corrosion and delivering 20-SEER cooling efficiency and 81%-AFUE heating efficiency.

  • The Westinghouse FS4BF series of air conditioners offers premium comfort and energy efficiency. This unit can supply up to 16-SEER cooling efficiency when paired with certain indoor air handlers or gas furnaces. It is also durable - with corrosion-resistant coils and a galvanized-steel outer shell. Talk to your contractor and find out if this is the right...

  • If you are looking for the right combination of quality, efficiency and affordability, check out the ES6BF series of air conditioners. This single-stage air conditioner delivers up to 16-SEER cooling through proper system matching. Make sure to talk to your contractor and find out if this is the right split-system air cnditioner for your home

  • For year-round, energy-efficient performance, have the Westinghouse iHybrid dual-fuel gas/electric packaged unit installed in your home. It offers energy-efficient gas and electric heating in addition to high-SEER cooling performance. Talk to your contractor and see if this is the right packaged unit for your home

  • The P5RF, single-packaged series of air conditioners offers high-efficiency performance. Two stages of cooling operation result in more even temperatures throughout your home and increased dehumidification capabilities - resulting in a truly comfortable home. Not only that, but with high-efficiency operation, you may even enjoy reduced utility bills

  • The B6VMAX series of air handler offers premium comfort and performance. With thick insulation and a variable speed motor, this unit is incredibly quiet. Talk to your contractor about proper system matches

  • When homeowers properly match a Westinghouse air conditioner or heat pump with the B6VMMX air handler, they can except energy-efficiency operation. In additiona, this unit resist formicary corrosion, the number one cause of coil leaks

  • You can pair the MB7EM modular air handler with appropriate Westinghouse C7 coils and outdoor cooling units and enjoy exceptional, high-efficiency performance. Proper system matching is critical for the performance of this system. Ask your contractor about appropriate system matches.

  • For exceptional, customized performance, choose the Westinghouse MB7VM series of modular air handlers. Because of its variable-speed operation and extra-smooth blower on/off cycles, this unit operates quietly. Pair this model with our C7 coils for proper operation.

  • Durability and quality come together in the B6BMMX air handler. This air handler, when paired with the correct air conditioner or heat pump, offers energy-efficient, fixed-speed performance. It also includes Mirco-Channel coils that help resist formicary corrosion - the leading cause of coil leaks.

  • When you pair the Westinghouse B6BMMX series of air handlers with one of our quality central air conditioners or heat pump systems, you can except high-quality cooling performance. Talk to your contractor and find out if this is the right air handling system for your home.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items